Did you notice the “Padlock” on my website

My Web Host, “Web South” has moved this website to a new web host (server) and I am pleased to say that the website is now using a “Security Certificate” SSL.

Website Padlock SSL -wikimedia-commons

What does this mean? Peter explained it like this,
“The website is now more secure, it is using a security certificate to communicate between the website and your browser. you can see this by the padlock being displayed in your browser. It usually shows near where the ‘web address (or URL) is displayed. Some browsers actually use the text ‘Secure’ (or similar) next to the padlock as an extra visual clue.

‘Another visual clue that the website is secure it to look for the ‘https

Another indication that the SSL is working is that the browser should also display the web URL as https (rather than just http).

“Basically it all means that it is less likely for anyone to be able to steal your information or fool you as to the website identity.
You should feel confident in using the website”.

Thank you Peter for the explanation. I hope you (my customers) enjoy this new enhancement to the website.