Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Phone display products too small:

Sometimes a mobile phone will not display the products properly (generally very small).

  • Try refreshing the page – Sometimes refreshing the page can make the page display better. Each device has slightly different software, screen sizes and orientation of the screen, and occasionally we have seen an issue.
  • Try rotating your phone – for instance if you are viewing the page in portrait view, try turning it sideways so it is in landscape view.  If still no good try a screen refresh now.
  • Still have product display problems? – if you have tried the above and still no luck, your luck has changed (we hope) as we have a menu on the left hand side of the page which displays in single column order and your mobile device should work with this.
    for instance – check how Kaftan’s are shown here.
Accessories not included. Cloth & embroidery designs & colours may vary from photo.